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The Pro-Blender Master Accessory Set

There's never been a better time to treat your self and your health to the Pro-Blender from Brandless. Loaded with features and the strength you need to blend, puree, chop, and create ALL of your favorite Wellness recipes.
Loaded with features, you'll be expecting to pay TWICE as much. But not only will you SAVE TODAY, we'll include $150 in FREE Kitchen Acessories for a LIMITED TIME for the low, low price of just $149.


✓ Perfect Blend: 6 Stainless Blades
✓ Powerful Vortex Pulls Ingredients into Blend
✓ 1500 Powerful Watts: 2 HP
✓ Generous Capacity: 64 OZ Pitcher
✓ SIMPLE: Dishwasher-Safe Pitcher
✓ Durable BPA-Free, Shatter-Proof Carafe
✓ SAFE: Unexposed Blades, Lock-Start, No-Tamper
✓ Versatile: 9 Settings for ALL Your Ingredients

SAVE OVER 50% | $299 Value for just $149.

Get the BLENDER & 21 ACCESSORIES for Just $149


PLUS, Get 20 FREE ACCESSORIES. A $150 Value!

Can Opener
Wire Whisk
Measuring Cups
12" Stainless Steel Tongs
Measuring Spoons - 4 Piece
Cheese Grater
Vegetable Peeler
Silicone Slotted Spoon
Silicone Serving Spoon
Silicone Pasta Fork

Silicone Spatula

9" Silicone Kitchen Tongs
Metal Straw Set
8" Chef's Knife
8" Bread Knife
Santoku Knife
Honing Steel
Carving Fork
Silicone Trivet- Grey
2 Natural Organic Kitchen Towels


Our powerful 2HP (1500 Watt) motor and unexposed stainless steel blades effortlessly move through your ingredients for a smooth, well-blended consistency you can count on.

Our unique design features 6 stainless steel blades and 1500 watts of power that create a downward cortex with a groundswell of speed that steadily builds giving smoother results and a superior blend every time you use it.

Whether you're wanting to mix, chop, blend, or puree make your smoothies, sauces, soups, dips, butters, and everything you want to create with ease.

Engineered to last and quality-built, our blender is designed to be part of your healthy lifestyle for years. Quality and affordability: Brandless will never bring you the "buy and toss" low-quality that litters our landfills.

Three-Part Safety System: tamper-proof controls plus lock-to-blend features, and our unexposed blades mean you can confidently blend with the whole family helping out.

Our BPA-Free, Shatter-Proof Pitcher with stainless steel tines mean you can rinse and dishwasher your blender and always clean with ease.


From smoothies to soups, sauces, and even down to getting all of your fruit and veggie servings with the nutrients you need, fresh ingredients plus supplementary powders, seeds, and proteins can let you quickly make meals, snacks, and create the well-rounded diet without hours of preparation and that hot stove. Then, pop that pitcher in the dishwasher: clean up is as fast and easy as meal prep.


As the economy struggles, and food prices continue to climb investing your hard-earned dollars in the right places. You can eat well and conveniently at home and stay on a budget.


Many high-end blender brands need YOU to invest in their ”cult like” following and lavish advertising. At Brandless, our Wellness Within Reach is all about helping you get the same quality product they offer, without spending YOUR money on their ridiculous branding expense. In other words, you get all the quality at a much more affordable price.


As you start doing more blending as part of your healthier lifestyle, choosing our high-end quality Pro-Blender brings you not just incredible safety features, but all the power and engineering that will provide you excellent and consistent quality blending for years to come. Are there cheaper blenders on the market? Yes. Will they last like ours will? Probably not. Invest in a blender that won’t let you down.


A powerful blender will give you loads of options. From soups to smoothies, for chopping, mixing, and mincing: when you have 1500 full watts of power and our uniquely engineered Vortex blend, the optionality your Pro-Blender will provide are only limited by your creativity. Don’t cut corners on quality, and let the options abound!”


Operating Your Pro-Blender


Plug the Pro-Blender's motor base into an appropriate 120v outlet. Jar: Place the jar on the motor base, seating it flat on the rubber bottom. Make sure that ingredients are placed properly and not in places where the blades can encounter jamming. Secure the lid on the jar's top before operating the blender.



Set the side soup/pulse switch to the middle position. Rotate the timer control all the way to the left "Off" position. Confirm that the right side on/off switch is in the "Off" position.


Turning the Blender On:

Once all the controls are set to the safe/off positions listed in the "Controls" section above, flip the right side on/off switch upward to "On". If successful, you will hear an audible beep confirming the blender is on and ready to operate. The blender will not spin in this state, it is just ready to be used. Once on, you may use the left side soup/pulse switch to pulse the blender motor OR use the center rotating selector to pick a rotational speed. This step will cause the blender motor to spin, so ensure the jar's lid is pressed on tightly.


Stopping the Blender:

If using the left side soup/pulse switch for temporary blending, simply let go of the control to stop the blender from spinning. If using the center rotating selector for ongoing blending, simply rotate the selector counterclockwise (top of the selector should spin towards the left) to the "Off" position to stop the blender. When using either the left or center motor controls, you can immediately turn the blender off by flipping the right side on/off switch downward to the "Off" position.


The 64-ounce BPA-free Tritan jar with 6 stainless steel blades makes it easy to blend, chop or puree anything. And when you're done, quickly blend with soapy water to get a rapid clean.


Pro-Blender Specifications Features:

2 HP motor Three-part safety system protects your family mechanically, electrically, and operationally 39 inch power cord with wrapping storage in base 1500 watts.



9.7 in. x 9.1 in x 19.3 in. Weight: 9.3 lbs. Volume: 64 oz. carafe



BPA Free Tritan Carafe, Stainless Steel Blades

All parts are Dishwasher Safe except for motor base

Blender Safety Systems


Reset blender with the button on the bottom of the base. The button is placed there to protect against excess motor load causing shorts and overheating potentially caused by a stuck blade.



The jar includes a mechanical safety switch so the motor cannot spin without the jar securely seated on top of the motor.



The blender will not operate unless all the controls start in the safe/off position.


How can the Pro-Blender be so much less expensive?

How can the Pro-Blender be so much less expensive?

We believe in empowering everyone to live a healthier life and blending is one of the best ways to get there. We take pride in offering an affordable blender that still stands strong against the “cult” brand blenders. We keep it simple and take out the extra marketing, branding, and fluff that the other guys focus on, giving you a stellar blender without all those extra hidden costs.

Why is the Brandless Pro-Blender a better Blender?

Why is the Brandless Pro-Blender a better blender?

This blender uses a unique combination of powerful blades, 1500 watts of power, and a custom-shaped jar to ensure everything is blended perfectly every time. Our 6 powerful stainless steel blades are engineered to create the Perfect Vortex of pressure: pulling ingredients from top to bottom down into the tines to ensure a complete, smooth, perfected blend.

What is your return policy?

What is your return policy?


If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Pro-Blender contact and you can return it for a full refund.

Where does the Pro-Blender ship from? How long will it take to get it?

Where does the Pro-Blender ship from?


How long will it take to get it? Our Pro-Blender is shipped right here from our Kentucky warehouse in the US. Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days.

Why do I want / need 1500 Watts of power?

Why do I want / need 1500 watts of power?


Watts, (in simplified terms), are the measurement of how much energy a device can use to operate. Higher watts are a typical indicator of strong blending power. 1500 watts of power are the standard for professional-grade blenders, which result in the smoothest texture, whether you’re blending ice, leaves, or soft fruit.

If you don’t get amazingly smooth and blended results after using our amazing Pro-Blender, just contact us!


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